10 Frugal Family Fun Activities

I’m all about doing things either free or super-duper cheap. Mainly because we’re a one income kind of family and that leaves very little room for extravagant things. We need to budget for things, even the fun little family activities. This post is to help families like ours have fun with each other but also not break the bank in doing so.

Here are 10 fun family activities to do that are free or relatively free.

Board Games. I’m sure at some point you or your child has a board game that everyone can play. String Bean got this game called Headbanz a couple of years ago for Christmas from his cousins. It’s a great game to play with the kids of any age because they don’t need to read  really, all they need to do is be able to recognize objects and be able to ask yes or no questions. Some other games we like to play are:

Chutes and Ladders

Spot It

Trouble Game

Pressman Toy Checkers Board Games

Building forts. This is String Bean and Turbo’s favorite activity. They do this like on a daily basis. Seriously. But its fun sometimes to do it at night and then grab some flashlights and popcorn.

Bake/Cook something. My kids are getting older and I think when I was their age, I learned how to start cooking and helped my mom in the kitchen making cakes. My kids love helping me make things. It teaches them valuable lessons too. How to cook/bake.

Pumpkin Carving. This is more of a seasonal activity but none the less you can still do it. Pumpkins are pretty cheap and you can find super cheap kits for carving online too. Like this one Pumpkin Masters Carving Party Pumpkin Carving Kit. It comes with two of every tool. And if you don’t like the templates in the kit, there are a ton of them on the interwebs you can find.

DSC_0322 copy

DSC_0328 copy



Geocaching/Munzee. This is fun and free, and it gets the family out of the house for a while. Geocaching, for those who are unfamiliar with it is kind of like a treasure hunt. The treasures could be hidden in an old coffee can or a little nook in a tree. And they don’t have to be a treasure per se, they can just be a little note. There are tons of geocaching websites to find these little treasures in your area. Once you find your “treasure” you sign the little paper there and then share it with other geocachers! Munzee works similarly only you specifically use your smart phone and find QR codes. My bestie introduced me to this activity, and we have yet to experience this. I will say she did find one while we were on a family shoot with her. 🙂

Outreach Night.  This activity is something that you as a family can do to help those in your community or not get things that they otherwise can’t get or do on their own. Instead of thinking about yourself or your family you are thinking of other people’s needs. As a family we’ve done Feed My Starving Children. Mr. Newman and I have done Operation Christmas Child through our life group at church. Some other activities you can do are, visiting nursing homes, send care packages to service men and women overseas, packing lunches for the homeless and so many other options.

Make a time capsule. This would be fun to do especially if we stayed in this neighborhood and our kids came back with their kids or whatever and see what we put in it. My brother and I did this when we were kids and I honestly can’t tell you what we put in it or if it’s still there.

Fly a kite. We bought our kids kites this year and they loved it. I think I got them at the dollar store. My thinking was if they broke it was only a dollar

Science Experiments. Now these don’t have to be extravagant but they can be super simple. I think this past year Turbo and I did an experiment with baking soda, vinegar, food coloring and I think soap.

Local Events. There is always something going on somewhere. Whether it’s a craft show, or music in the park or my families favorite, train shows. You can take your family to these events. Usually they’ll be free or super-duper cheap. They want people to come so making a ridiculous entrance fee will keep the people away.


8 comments on “10 Frugal Family Fun Activities

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned Operation Christmas Child! We are getting ready to do these at our church. One way you can help keep cost to a minimum but still have maximum evangelical effect is to get together with a group of families and have each family buy something in bulk. Then you can get together and have a packing party!

    1. What we did for our church group was one couple, family or person was responsible for one or two items and buy like 14 of those items and brought them to pack into each of the boxes. That way we weren’t responsible for filling x number of boxes. We plan to do Operation Christmas Child as a family next year. 🙂

  2. I love this list! We play board games, and the kids also have a small tent that we can set up I’m the living room and watch TV in! We use to go geocaching all the time! I miss it, thanks for the reminder! Its super helpful when your on a budget. 😉

  3. Great blog post! I had so much fun when my children we little doing a lot of the same things. They are now in there late twenties and we still play board games, do experiments, and go buy our pumpkins and have carving contest to see who has the best pumpkin. Our family does Operation Christmas Child but we do the intire family with a local orginization we have so much fun buying for the children and the parents too.

    1. Thanks a lot Sherry! It warms the heart knowing that we’re not just thinking of ourselves at Christmas time, that we’re thinking of other people who need such the simple things we take for granted.

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