12 Books in 2016

I love reading. Love it. When I have time of course. I usually get my reading done in spare moments when I don’t have much to do during the day. I mostly read in the summertime for obvious reasons (kids, homeschooling, etc). I like to read all sorts of genres of books.

My friend Laura posted the other day that she was going to start a reading challenge for this year. Since I love to read, I thought, why not try it. Because I’m going to be honest with you…I started reading The Silkworm I swear, in October or even before that…I just finished. Like yesterday. So sad. I add all these books that I want to read to my reading wish list and it feels like I never get to them.

So I’m going to challenge myself to read 12 books throughout 2016, or 1 book per month. I think I can handle that!

Every time I pick up a new book, I’ll photograph it, and post it here and on Instagram and Facebook to share. If you wanna join me do the same and use the hashtag #12booksin2016.

So to start off this challenge I am going to read The Shack by William Paul Young. We’ll see how it goes. It sounded pretty good to me. I found it at Half Priced Books a couple weeks back and it was $2!! Yeah buddy!!

Here goes nothing!

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Let me know in the comments if you’re going to join me with this challenge!!

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