12 Days of Parenting: Day 2 My List to Santa

Thanks for hopping over from Monkey and Mouse and welcome to my post for the second of #12daysofparenting. We have many prizes to giveaway including Baby Bundle, which they are donating a Hoppy or Patch. Full details can be found on the 12 Days of Parenting and all entries to be completed via the Rafflecopter at the bottom of this post.

When we were all kids, we anxiously waited for the day when we could write our Christmas wish lists and send them off to the North Pole for Santa to read and bring us anything on said list on Christmas Eve. Then we would wait and wait and wait until Christmas day came to see what Santa brought us.

As a family, we don’t do presents from Santa really. I mean, there aren’t any extra gifts that we’ve gone out and bought for them from “Santa”. We do fill their stockings with little things but nothing major. Maybe like a little Lego kit or a small activity book. I think last year we either bought them the Polar Express or one of the Despicable Me movies.

Now this post isn’t about my kids making their Christmas to Santa, this is my Christmas list to Santa.

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Here’s what my list to Santa would look like. And in no particular order, this isn’t ranked by priority either Santa, ok?

  1. Sleep. Yep. I could use some sleep. You see , I have 3 kids all under the age of 10 (for now). I don’t get sleep, especially with ones that are sick. My kids don’t know what the meaning of Saturdays is. Saturdays are meant for mommies and daddies to sleep in. My kids wake up at their normal time, no matter how much later they stay up the night before.
  2. A vacation. I haven’t been a real vacation since I was in college. I want to go somewhere warm (if possible) and fun. I’m not talking a cruise or Mexico. No. I don’t think I’d fare well on a boat, and I’m not ready for Mexico yet. I wouldn’t mind going to Florida to visit Universal Studios and see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Or a trip to Alaska, my homeland. Or England (this is my hopeful plan for our 25-30th anniversary).
  3. A new dslr camera. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Nikon d3000, but I feel a little confined to what I can actually do with it sometimes. And maybe that’s me not knowing what I can do with it. I do know that I can do so much more with my camera if I had different lenses, but the problems with some of the lenses that I want don’t work with my camera and the autofocus.
  4. To meet one of my favorite celebs. I know that sounds kind of weird or whatever. But I wouldn’t mind spending the day with one of my favorite Hollywood peeps. So Santa, if you’re listening, my favorites are Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Lawrence, anyone from the cast of Harry Potter, David Tennant, Robert Downey Jr., anyone from the cast of Sherlock, ok I lie, specifically Benedict Cumberbatch or Martin Freeman, I think that’s it.
  5.  This one is a 2 for one deal, to be free of my stupid student loans and to have world peace. Who wouldn’t want to have those two things?

That’s all I can think of Santa, so if you could get maybe 3 out of the 5 of those that would be fantastic. Thanks a bunch!!

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Christmas code word is bows.

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7 comments on “12 Days of Parenting: Day 2 My List to Santa

  1. Yep I could definitely do with some of these too! I wouldn’t mind meeting someone from the Harry Potter films either #anythinggoes

  2. I love this list! Sleep is #1 on my list, too. That and an entire day to just watch all three Lord of the Rings movies, by myself, in a locked room with some popcorn and ice cream. Is that too much to ask? Thanks for linking up at the #ManicMondays blog hop!

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