12 Fun DIY Projects

I love crafts. I love looking for fun new craft projects to do. I love pinning all of the fun new craft projects. But, I don’t have all the time in the world to do the fun new crafts nor the money.

So I guess I’ll share with you some of the fun crafts I’ve found in the world of Pinterest.

They’re in no particular category this time around — you see I’m going to try to make this a bi-weekly type of deal—maybe next time I’ll post some fun craft ideas that are kid friendly.

The first couple of craft projects are geared towards wall art, so if you need some ideas for your wall check out these…

String Art–I unfortunately do not have  a link that will help you with this particular piece of  string art,

diy projects

but you can find a tutorial on how to do this type  of string art.

diy projects

 Stencil Watercolor.

diy projects

 DIY Twig Letters– this is super cute, I may have to make one for myself!

diy projects

Canvas Art– This is incredibly cool. I don’t think I’d  have the patience for this, but it’s still cool 🙂


DIY Poufs

diy projects

 Homemade Wrapping Paper– this one looks like a fun one to do with the kiddos for Birthdays, Christmas or just because 🙂

diy projects

 DIY Trays

In college? Here are some cute ways to spruce up your apartment.

diy projects

 Decorated Wine Bottles

diy projects

 Sharpie Coasters

This one I may have to do either for myself or someone I know who really loves coffee.

diy projects

 Watercolor coffee mug

Have a lot of necklaces and don’t know what to do with them? Here’s a cute and easy way to hang them up!

diy projects

 Cork necklace holder

So many fun and cute things to make! I’ve pinned these items under my “Crafts” board. So if you want to look at all of them at the same time head on over there!

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