14 Valentine’s Day Treats

We all know how much I love goodies. MMMM…

With that being said. Valentine’s Day is only 15 days away, so here are 14 yummy and cute looking treats to satisfy your sweetheart’s (or anyone’s) sugar tooth.


1. Chocolate Almond Cookies by Roxanna’s Home Baking

vday treats2

2. Easy peasy treat with M&Ms and Popcorn! Valentine Confetti from Moo Moos and Tutu’s 

vday treats3

3. Strawberry  Covered Chocolate  Trifle from Silver Boxes

vday treats4

4. Valentine Swirl Cake from Julie’s Eats and Treats

vday treats5

5. Owl Cupcakes! from Clean and Sensible 

vday treats6

6. This one is has super easy ideas, no bake! :O from Plain Chicken 

vday treats7

7. Heart Shaped Rice Krispies from Babies, Paper and Song

vday treats8

8.  This one, I may have to try, it sounds sooo yummy, Red Velvet Cheesecake Milkshake from The Novice Chef

vday treats9

9. Can’t leave breakfast out on this one! from My Baking Addiction

vday treats10

10. These are so cute! from Bubbly Nature Creations 

vday treats11

11. A Valentines day version of Puppy Chow from Sugary Sweets 

vday treats13

12. Chocolate Cream puffs mmmm from Growing up Gabel 


13. Valentines Pretzels from Positively Peaches

vday treats15

14. Last but not least Strawberry Mousse with   Meringue Hearts from My Recipes

vday treats16

I think I may definitely do that milkshake one and maybe the Strawberry Mousse, who knows. Maybe I have something else up my sleeve. 😉


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