2016-2017 Homeschool Planner Printables for Binder Planners

Ever since I made my little printable calendars to share with you all, I’ve been working diligently on a homeschool planner pack for all you homeschooling mamas out there. When I first starting this homeschooling gig I didn’t really use a planner or binder for that matter for all the things I’d need for keeping track of everything you need for your kids and for record keeping.

I made up my own little lesson planner when I started out with String Bean 5 years ago, and it worked. I didn’t really have a binder to keep it in or the other things. I basically used the same lesson plan template up until this year with him and basically Turbo too. Back when I did kindergarten with String Bean I only did the bare minimum, but with Turbo doing kindergarten this year I added a couple of more subjects than what I did with String Bean. And with that I had to change the template for lesson planning.

This year I changed everything that I’ve used for lesson planning and keeping things. I came across Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool blog and found her ultimate planning printables. They’re great..but I felt like there are way too many pages for me. I didn’t need all of them. Don’t get me wrong, I think they are great and they look fantastic too, I just don’t need them all.

So basically what I’ve done here is I’ve made 9 items that you can print off at home, and stick them in a binder.

homeschool planner

What you’ll get in the download is:

  • Attendance tracker
  • 18 month spread (2 pages for each month)
  • Weekly planning page
  • 2 page M-F lesson planning
  • Curriculum Resource page
  • Monthly Dividers
  • a pretty front and back cover for your binder
  • Year at a glance page
  • Grade Tracker

Here’s a little sampling of what you’ll get 🙂

binder watermark


So how does one get their hands on these fantastic printables. All you have to do is head over to here to my printables page and download them. Easy peasy!

Not a homeschooler yourself but know of someone who could use this binder, please share my post with them!!

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6 comments on “2016-2017 Homeschool Planner Printables for Binder Planners

  1. Hey Stephanie! I just downloaded the 2016-2017 Homeschool calendars….and a huge thank you…love the colors and lay out…however I noticed that after december 2016, theres a January 2016, even though it says it’s 2016-2017 calendar. Just wanted to check and see if I had missed something. Thank you!

    1. Hey Jennifer,
      Thank you so much! As far as the calendar dates, I made this calendar back in December for people to use from January 2016- December 2017. So I’ll probably provide one for January 2017- December 2018 when the time comes. You didn’t miss anything, I just designed it that way.

      1. Oh okay. I was printing the monthly calendars for this coming school year and was hoping to get Jan-May 2017 to match with what I’ve printed for this fall with August-December 2016.

        1. Hey Jennifer, there should be three calendar files in that big file you downloaded. One for the whole year of 2016 and one for January- June 2017 and the last one is blank so you can save it and print off as you need it and fill in the month and dates.

  2. And it may help if I clarified I was talking about the two page layout monthly calendar documents. I read it as an 18 month spread, but when I downloaded it only has January 2016-December 2016. Does that make sense? I think I might be confusing myself too 😉

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