2017-2018 Curriculum Choices 6th Grade- Luke

Today I bring you, my 6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum. AHHH 6th grade!!

I seriously cannot believe that Luke will be in 6th grade this fall. I want to be in denial about it. A tween. I have a tween-ager. He’s going to be driving soon. And that scares me.

Oof. Anywho. Curriculum. This year, Luke will continue using Heart of Dakota curriculum for his school studies. Last year we used Preparing His Hearts for His Glory  (PHHFHG) and it went well, thus the reason why we continued using HOD for our main curriculum. This year he will be doing Resurrection to Reformation (RTR). If you are familiar with HOD and their curriculum you will notice that we skipped over Creation to Christ. I chose to do that because I felt that he could probably skip over it since he basically just went through that with PHHFHG.

Resurrection to Reformation is, well about the time between Christ’s Resurrection to the Reformation age. Yay for the Middle Ages! Ooh maybe we’ll get to have another medieval feast. This set is a bit different from his last school set in that he will get notebooking pages to work on while he does his studies.

They look like this!


Since he’ll be learning more in-depth about the Middle Ages, the Dark Ages and so on. He will also be doing a little side study on the one and only Bard of Avon! AKA, William Shakespeare.

I’m so excited about this. Seriously.

I had purchased all of his school items, not including the notebooking pages, math and the science journal (which you will see later) from my good friend Jennifer, who wasn’t going to use it for her youngest next year. And let me tell you when she gave me the boxes of the books, I was shocked. I started unpacking it on the table and was shocked even more.

I got all the packages that you can get with RTR and this is what you get with it.

The economy package comes with all these books and these are essential to learning. You can get this package with or without the Shakespeare study, obviously, I wanted it and so did Jennifer.

Then for science, this year we’re actually sticking to what HOD recommends you use for science, only because it uses Apologia as a base for the science study, but there are also a couple of living books to go with it.  This kid loves Astronomy and is uber excited to start next year.

He’ll have this extra notebooking activity to do that goes along with his science and geography studies. I found these notebooking pages online through a Facebook group dedicated to those who are using/plan to use RTR.

Then the read aloud books. Get ready for books galore.

And then the self-study extension package….more books.

This kid is going to be so smart by the end of this year.

As he is becoming a *ahem* a young man  *ahem* he gets to learn about, why and what is going to happen to him. Ugh. I’m not looking forward to this, but it’s gotta happen.  So with that, he has these materials to go through.

Moving on.  He will be doing Rod and Staff’s Building with Diligence Level 4 again, or still as we’re not finished with it. I expect we’ll probably purchase level 5 when he’s done with the current one. He will also be doing some poetry with the Miss Emily Dickinson. So that’ll be fun. Again, those poetry pages can be found in the Facebook group.

Along with his language arts he will be working on some writing and with that he will be using Institute For Excellence in Writing (IEW) Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons.

Like with Jakey’s curriculum choices for this year, we’re also skipping DITHOR but I will make sure that Luke does read (some more, I know) to broaden his genre of books other than the Star Wars books that he currently is reading.

Here’s the list of books that I hope to get him to read. He’s a tough cookie to get to read books he may not pick up for himself at the library.


As for math, Luke will be doing Master Books as well. I know you’re not supposed to use the phrase “fell behind” in homeschool, because you’re to be teaching the kids at their own pace and if they are “behind” according to their peers or public school standards, that’s ok. But, we did a year with Math U See and he hated it. Hated it. And he fell behind. And if he doesn’t like how the math format is and isn’t learning, then we need to make a change.

So, I decided to switch to a different curriculum. I had a hard time with this simply because there are so many options out there for math and trying to figure out what his learning style was too came into play. Like I said, we are going to be using Master Books Level 6 , and I explained where I found Master Books in my post with Jakey’s curriculum choices.

And then he will also be doing some spanish and art outside of his main studies, and I found some free curriculum through Easy Peasy All In One Homeschool for that.

I believe that is it for this kid. That’s a lot of stuff, and I feel like it’s only to get more complex as he gets older. His workload is going to be bigger because he’s, well, getting older.

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