4th of July weekend!!

It’s 4th of July weekend…in 3 days…well probably 2 days for those of you who will catch this tomorrow…most people in this country will be celebrating what is most commonly known as the birth of our nation or America’s birthday.

But this date is not only just the 4th of July and basically reason to party it also marks the 235 years since our Founding Fathers approved and signed a very famous document that changed the history of this country forever. In case you missed a chunk of history in your schooling or just forgot, this document is the Declaration of Independence.




If it were not for the 56 brave,  brave men to take steps towards establishing a Constitutional Republic country, where do you think we would be?

Do you think we would have the freedoms that we do now? I wonder how many people actually think about the reason why we are celebrating this coming Monday.

I would like my readers, if there are any out there…to honestly take some time and thank your lucky stars that you live in a country where you have the freedom to do what you want, say what you want and whatever have you [within reason, mind you, as long as it’s not illegal] without the man coming after you telling you, that what you are doing can’t be done because someone high and mighty said so.

Anyway enough of my history lesson…on to my way of honoring those men [and women of course] who risked their lives to let us have those freedoms so I decided to make a cake.


Yay for cake! Everyone loves cake and who doesn’t love cake that is Patriotic? So I found this recipe on Betty Crocker’s Facebook page. It looked amazing and I knew I had to make it regardless of what we were planning on doing this weekend.

So here’s the recipe:

1 box white cake mix [Water, vegetable oil and egg whites called for on cake mix box ]

Red food color

Blue food color

1  container (12 oz) Whipped fluffy white frosting


Heat oven to 325°F.[ I just did what the box told me to do which was preheat it to 350].

Generously grease 12-cup fluted tube cake pan. Make cake batter as directed on box, using water, oil and egg whites. Pour 1 cup of the batter into small bowl; stir in red food color until well mixed. Pour another cup of the batter into separate bowl; stir in blue food color until well mixed.

Pour red cake batter into bottom of pan. Carefully pour remaining white batter over red batter in pan. Carefully pour blue batter over white batter. [Blue batter does not need to cover white batter completely; it looks better if it just forms a ring in the center of the white batter].



4th of july cake1

Bake as directed on the box or until toothpick inserted comes out clean [ This is the true test….learned that one from my Mommy]. Let the cake cool for 5 minutes. Turn pan upside down on a cooling rack. Let cake cool completely..roughly about 30 minutes.


4th of july cake2


Once your cake is cooled off, divide the frosting into 3 microwavable bowls, add food coloring to two of the bowls [obviously add the red in one bowl and the blue in the other].

Now depending on your microwave you’re going to want to heat each bowl up enough so that you can drizzle the frosting over the cake [Make sure you don’t overheat it! {I did…oops. Don’t worry it was just the white frosting}]. You can drizzle in anyway you want, you can make a pattern if that makes you happy.

After I drizzled each of the colors of the frosting I put some pretty red, white and blue sprinkles on it to make it even more festive. Can’t wait to eat it!

4th of july cake3


The finished product, and a picture of my big brother Doug who is currently serving in the army. Love you Dougie!!

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