8 Great Smarts: Understanding Multiple Intelligences

Ok, so last week I touched on learning styles of your kiddos, this week I’m going to introduce you to different intelligences.

Last year during the parent support time in my homeschool co-op we had a lovely woman who is a veteran homeschooler come in and speak to us about homeschooling. I can’t remember exactly what she talked about but she also runs a homeschool store in our state. I mentioned her last week too.

Any who. I picked up this book at that co-op meeting because she had brought in some of her merchandise for us to browse through and ask questions on it.

She had mentioned the book and I thought, why not, lets see what this is all about.

So as you can tell from the picture its about discovering your child’s intelligences.

Basically, this book describes 8 intelligences and ways that you can nurture these intellegiences in your children and shows some ways that can paralyze these intellgiences.

This book was kind of an eye opener for me.

I’ll share with something in this book that made me realize that everyone is smart in their own way and that this is something that as a parent we need to share with our children when they believe they are not.

[…]are creative, musical and talented because they are smart. What’s the big deal? Smart is a power word. Everyone wants to be smart. [I]f some children believe others are smart and they’re not, they can give up. They lower their expectations for today and tomorrow. They may not accomplish what God intended them to. This is also true of adults. Language is powerful. Words matter. 

I’ve always had this self-doubt about being smart. I wasn’t any where near the top of my class in school. I am lucky that I graduated college with a degree because I’ve always had the mind-set that if I didn’t get the good grades in school I wasn’t smart. I struggled hard with school especially with math. And I still get teased about that fact, and that sticks that if I’m not good with math then I must be dumb. But after reading this I know that not to be true. I  am smart. I am music smart ( more on this later) .

I believe that knowing what your child’s smart  is/are then you can nurture these intelligences and bring out what makes them who they are and what God intended them to become. We are all born with these 8 intelligences it’s just the nurture that we as parents provide make them come alive and strengthen them. When we strengthen these smarts our children become more confident in what they do because they will know they are indeed smart and less likely believe they are dumb.

How to identify your child’s intelligences

Spend time with your children-watch how they play, how they speak to you or to others, pay attention to what their interests are. Also pay attention to their disobedience. Do they talk too much? Touch everything? Constantly tapping their feet? Do they question what they have to do? Then ask yourself which smarts show up when you are watching them.

How to nurture your child’s intelligences

Participate in the activities that will strengthen the smarts they have.

Demonstrate the relevance of their smart by using it in real world experiences.

Provide activities to use their smarts in their spare time.

How to hinder your child’s intelligences

Don’t be critical when they’re creating, exploring, making messes. Don’t be critical period.

Relax when it comes to them making mistakes.

Watch how much technology they use, this can block them from their natural gifts.


So over the next few posts, I’ll be explaining each intelligence, signs that your child may have it, ways to strengthen and ways that you can paralyze them.

Here they are below:

Word Smart

Logic Smart

Picture Smart

Music Smart

Body Smart

Nature Smart

People Smart

Self- Smart



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