A Forever Family

It’s craft time again!! Woot. I love crafts. I can remember as a kid messing around in my mom’s craft room with my brother making either birthday or mother’s day gifts. I always thought that using her acrylic paint, glue gun or rhinestones was awesome.


This craft is a wood sign that I came across in one the blogs that I follow. I thought it was really cute, and I knew from my husband that we had some scrap wood laying around the garage somewhere that I could use for this sign. Now Amy {the original creator} used a 11 by 18.5 in. piece of plywood for her sign, mine was probably around 9 by 12 inches, but it was a bit warped so my husband whipped out his table saw and cut it down to 8 1/2 by 11 inches or the size of a piece of paper. And instead of staining it; because it had some markings from the stamp from the supplier for the store, I painted it. She also used vinyl which I do not have the capabilities to do so…but I do have a slice machine that I can cut out letters from paper with.
So last night while I was painting one of our kitchen chairs {because we’re in the process of refinishing them because our children reek havoc on them}, and I really wanted to paint because we just got paint for a project my husband is working on…more on that later. I decided as long as I’m out painting this..might as well paint my piece of wood for my sign..no better time to do it!


The painted piece of plywood

forever family1

Today while my little guy should have been napping I cut out the letters for my sign. I used the same saying as Amy did in hers, but if you like this idea you don’t have to follow suit. You can use whatever you would like!



Cutting out the letters with my pretty slice machine!


I had made a sign similar to this a couple of years ago. I didn’t have my slice machine then, so I used rub-on stickers instead…that can get spendy if you use a saying such as the one I did where you have to use more than one of the letters that are provided in the sticker set.

forever family3

Placing the letters on the wood.

forever family7

The full saying


Anyway. Since I’m not using vinyl, I have to adhere it to the wood somehow, so I decided to bust out my trusty friend named Mr. Mod Podge. I’m using it as a glue and somewhat as a sealant to make sure that it sticks. I’m also using a clear coat spray sealer to make it kinda shiny. We like shiny {or at least I do}.

forever family5

Sealing it with the Podge.

forever family6


Finished Product!

forever family4

I think it turned out awesome!! I  am not sure if I want to hang it up on the wall or get a stand for it. We’re running out of wall space for stuff like this, maybe it’s time to swap out some decorations for some new ones.


Thanks Amy for sharing this awesome project for me to create my own!

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