Bathroom Re-do

As I mentioned in my previous post, the big boys went down to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the week for VBS.

I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to a.) surprise the boys with something when they came home and b.) to check off a project that I’ve desperately wanting to do since we moved in, PAINT! I know Mr. N, I’m sorry I pester you every summer to do this.

In case you hadn’t guessed. We painted. More specifically we painted their bathroom.

bathroom re-do


That’s one of the colors we picked for it.

I love that color!

We used Pittsburg Paints from Menards, we’ve had pretty good luck so far with them.

The main color of the bathroom is called Thin Ice and the border color we chose is called High Dive.

Of course we decided to paint the bathroom when it wasn’t exactly cooler out and a room with absolutely no windows in it and only one light source. Which we turned off so we can paint around the light fixture. We used this huge light and every time we went in there to paint it felt like a sauna. I bet I lost 12 pounds just by being in there. And probably gained it all back when we went to pick up the boys from Grandma’s because she has amazing food.

bathroom redo

bathroom re do

bathroom redo





Those pictures there? I took them. Yep I did.

And that towel thingy, Mr. N crafted that guy.

I loved how it turned out.

Sorry the quality of pictures isn’t that great, it’s kinda hard to take pictures in a bathroom.


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