I am horrible at this blogging thing.


I’m going to attempt this again, hopefully. I’m paying for this website to be hosted and nothing is happening with it. I believe my last post on here was back in November, at that was at the beginning of the month. We are now well into December, it’s practically Christmas.

And that was planner goodies. So it wasn’t really me talking. BUH.

I think I’m going to try to take this blog back to what it was when I started. Me doing the food thing and talking about homeschooling stuff.

Don’t get me wrong planner buddies, I love my planner still and loved  making things for you all to have, but that is taking wayy too much time out of  my day that I can spend with the family and starting a business ( more on that later).

Maybe as a treat I’ll create a layout for my planner buddies once a month. 🙂

I think I tried to do too many things at once and got so burned out that I didn’t want to touch my blog.

This has happened before I feel.

I think when the kids and I are on a break from homeschooling, I’m going to brainstorm all kinds of things to bring to you in the next year.

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