The Body Smart Kid

Our next intelligence in this series about the 8 Great Smarts, is the body smart kid.

How to tell if you kiddo is a body smart kid

Their hands are busy, by building, writing, touching, playing with their hair, playing, etc.

They enjoy hiking, sports, dancing, acting, camping and possibly musical instruments.

They can execute small-motor skill tasks, ie, playing with the smaller Legos, sewing, carpentry, model building.

They think with their body.

Typically kinethesic learners.

Struggles for body smart kids

Sometimes diagnosed as having ADHD.

Wiggle worms.

Self control.

Boundaries with their body.


Ways to strengthen this intelligence


Prioritize being active. Go outside and play.

Give them chores.

Skywriting, to help them learn their spelling words, chemical formula, etc.

Use manipulative when teaching.

Play games like tag, Twister or any physical game.


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