Chipotle Night

We love Chipotle in this house. I think if money weren’t an issue Mr. Newman could probably eat out at Chipotle every day, but that would expensive. Really fast. To remedy that we’ve tried to have something similar to what Chipotle offers and I felt like we just never got it right as far as taste wise.

Now, I know that’s not important, but I’m not a carnitas kind of girl. I like Chipotle’s chicken and would have a chicken burrito or burrito bowls. So we wouldn’t have a “Chipotle Night” because I didn’t like having carnitas.

Recently, I looked around for copycat recipes for chicken burritos and a new carnitas recipe. Because I felt that I didn’t like the way we made them. I found a couple of recipes that I wanted to try and I went with it.

I’m so glad I tried it becuase we’ve been having a “Chipotle Night” for awhile now and the kids look forward to it.

So for our carnitas and chicken I make a rub (a different one for each) and plop the pork in the crock pot and I cook the chicken in a pan.

Another thing that is necessary with our burritos is the salsa, and Mr. Newman loves the corn salsa that is offered at Chipotle. The first time I made this salsa, I got chemical burns from the jalapeno pepper and refused to make it again because of it the burns. I got smart, and bought rubber gloves  so it won’t happen again.

This meal is going to be a forever meal in our house. We love it so much, and we won’t have to stand in ridiculously long lines at Chipotle to wait for a scrumptious meal!

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