Chore Punch Cards

Are your kids ready to help out around the house but you’re not sure how to motivate them to actually do the jobs you want them to do?

Look no further.

Today I bring you, Chore Punch Cards.

It’s a type of reward system to get your kids to want to help out with chores so you can sit back and enjoy your cup of coffee while they learn how to work. 🙂 Just kidding, but seriously. I think kids learning how to do simple tasks is great for them.

So this is what my chore cards look like.

I type up their everyday tasks and glue them on the back of these cards so they know what they need to do on a daily basis to earn a punch.

They hang out on a bulletin board in our kitchen so they don’t get lost. Then I also have a “work for hire” section on the bulletin board.

So if they want to earn extra punches they can complete one of these tasks before I get to it.

Then there is a reward list on the bulletin board that lists what they can get when they fill a punch card.  Also on that list shows how to earn extra punches on top of the “work for hire” section.

I think this system works so much better than using a sticker system or an app on my phone to get the kids to do chores.

You can nab these punch cards by clicking on the cute little birdie below.

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