Chunky Monkey is One!!

Today is my baby’s birthday! 

I can’t believe that he’s one years old today.

It seems like he was just born. 

Now he’s moving around, getting into things, laughing at his crazy brothers and eating everything.  

He doesn’t know it’s his birthday, but that’s ok. 

I’m going to make this post short and sweet, because I’ve got stuff to do for his party!

I’ll be sharing monthly pictures of my lil chunk over the past year.



photo credit: LBK photography
photo credit: LBK photography


one month old

1 month

two months old

2 months

 three months old

3 months


four months old

4 months

five months old

 5 months

six months old

 6 months

seven months old

7 months

eight months old

8 month

nine months old

9 month

ten months old

10 months

eleven months old

davey 11 month

twelve months old

DSC_0139 copy2

DSC_0150 copy2

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