Chunky Monkey turned one!

Saturday was my lil Chunky Monkey’s first birthday.

It doesn’t seem like he should be one.

But he is…

*sniff* *sniff*

He had a Tonka Truck themed party. I probably should have had it as monkey because he loves his monkey that his big brother Turbo made for him after he was born. Maybe next year, that will be his theme.

Here are some fun photos of the day. I can’t take credit for all the pictures. My bestie commandeered my camera and took pictures for me.



DSC_0231 copy

DSC_0232 copy

DSC_0233 copy

DSC_0234 copy

DSC_0236 copy

The big boy getting ready to dive in!

DSC_0243 copy

DSC_0245 copy



DSC_0249 copy

DSC_0251 copy

He got so dirty we had to give him a bath.

DSC_0258 copy

DSC_0259 copy

DSC_0263 copy


DSC_0270 copy

DSC_0273 copy

DSC_0277 copy


2 comments on “Chunky Monkey turned one!

  1. Happy birthday little man! You did such a great job with his party and the food. I really liked the Tonka truck theme, simple and well executed! I should have probably had a second piece of cake… 😉

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