Cupcake Of the Month: Red White and Blue Funfetti

It’s back!

Cupcake of the month time is here!

Anywho, this one is pretty simple for y’all to make. And it’s patriotic, because Memorial Day is coming up this weekend and this is a super easy cupcake recipe you can throw together in less than a day if you’re out of ideas for your BBQ this weekend.

Grab your favorite white cake mix. Mix that all up, but before you scoop in your cupcake liners, add in some fun red, white and blue jimmies!

cupcake of the month


Yay for jimmies!

Then bake those guys at 350 for about 20-25  minutes.

cupcake of the month2


Let them cool off and frost them patriotic style.

I was going to try to make the frosting all cool and do a dual colored frosting using three piping bags (I need one of these guys), but I didn’t have the patience for it and it was like 80 degrees out and me rushing to get these done and our kids getting a bath, it just was not happening. Oh well.

cupcake of the month3

cupcake of the month5

I just threw some more jimmies on top and some clear sprinkles too!

I think they turned out ok. My kids will still eat them. 🙂

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