End of the School Year Review

So I start every year with high hopes that this year is going to be great. I have a great curriculum picked out for the kids, they’re going to love it, I’m going to love it. I mean, this year Luke was going to learn about the Tudors, Leonardo da Vinci, the Reformation, the Middle Ages and so much more.

Oh my gosh and Shakespeare. SHAKESPEARE!

I was so excited for that.

Jacob was going to learn about how we became a country, but much more in detail. For example, where the Pilgrims really came from and what prompted them to take the risks they did to journey across a great body of water, and other topics that, again, I was excited for him to learn.

I had a morning basket thing too. The kids were going to learn about the states, different presidents, different countries, and some composers.


Life happened. I think I had way too much going on last fall and this winter, in that I couldn’t keep up with my updates on our weeks. I became treasurer for our homeschool co-op; that kept me busy with board meetings, emails and texts to respond to, I had mini sessions and regular photography sessions I needed to edit and other things. Then I had planned on doing stuff for this blog later on this winter, then life happened again. We all got sick with the blasted flu that infected EVERYONE. All of us, except for one, was out for the count the entire month of February. That was fun.

And I got bored with the curriculum. I mean. I stopped doing the bible study, Language Arts, and History out of the teacher’s guide for Jacob and just started doing my own thing. That’s how bad it was. It’s a shame to spend all that money on a curriculum only to not use it anymore. I had high expectations for this year with the curriculum choices and the activities I wanted to do and it just didn’t work out. I think both the kids and I got burnt out of trying to do it all.

With that being said, we’re done with Heart of Dakota. I’m selling off our curriculum and not looking back. Don’t get me wrong. I liked it in the beginning but it just isn’t working for us, and I had wished I realized this sooner. And for those who use Heart of Dakota, maybe it works for you and other curriculum’s don’t, that’s fine. It’s just with our family dynamic, it doesn’t. Next year will be different and good. I hope.

I will share what we are going to be using next year for our curriculum maybe in the next post or ones to follow.




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