Figuring Out Your Children’s Learning Style

As a homeschooler of multiple children you need to be aware of all sorts of things to get through your homeschool day. Are you accomplishing all that you want to do accomplish that day, did you have fun, did they learn anything?

Did they learn anything?

I’ll admit, when I started homeschooling 7 years ago I never thought about learning styles and how my kiddos learn their subjects in the best way. Until it came time to start teaching Jacob.

He threw everything that I had down pat (maybe?), with Luke as far as teaching him went, out the window. Jacob would fight me on all things and I could not understand why. Why wouldn’t he sit still and just listen to me? Why did he have to constantly fidget with things? Why isn’t he doing school the way his older brother is? WHY??

Then I went to a homeschool conference this past spring.

And my eyes were opened.


I went to a fabulous speaker named Nancy Bjorkmann. She is a homeschooling mama veteran and owns a the only homeschooling store in the mid-west, so she and her husband know their stuff.  I went to her workshop to learn their learning styles. More specifically Jacob’s learning style because, like I said. He was completely different from his older brother.

The Seven Learning Styles

So there are seven learning styles.

  • Visual: prefers using pictures, images, and spatial understanding. Likes to doodle, takes notes, loves colorful books.
  • Auditory: prefers using sound and music. Would rather listen to books being read to them, or listen to books on tape.
  • Kinesthetic: prefers using body, hands and sense of touch.
  • Verbal: prefers using sound and music.
  • Logical: prefers using logic, reasoning and systems
  • Social: prefer to learn in groups or with other people
  • Solitary: prefer to work alone and use self-study

I learned that Jacob is more  of a kinesthetic learner or as Mrs. Bjorkman calls these types of learners he’s a  Wiggly Willy . And he’s a logical learner as well.

These types of learners need more breaks than the other types of learners. I mean, all kiddos should get a break from their learning aka recess time, to help with getting oxygen to their brains which then leads to a better attention span when it does come time to their lessons. But this kid will need probably twice as many breaks than your auditory or social learner will need. So every once in a while I’ll tell Jakey to go wiggle for like 10-15 minutes. That way he gets his wiggles out and we can focus on his schoolwork.

This explains so many things, why this kid never wanted to sit still and loved to touch and feel everything when it came time our actual lessons.

Luke is more of an auditory learner. Which totally makes sense for him because he is always repeating things he hears or says usually without missing any information. Though I think he is also a visual learner too because he can repeat a lot of the information he reads back to me and sometimes tries to correct me on things.

So how do you figure out what learning style your kiddo has?

Well you can simply just watch the way they work.

Look for clues, like the ones listed above or you can check out this website for more clues.  Or you can take this quiz to find out what their learning style is.

Knowing what type of learning style my kiddos have I can now use that information to incorporate activities into their daily lessons to help them learn what we have on the docket for that day. And hopefully this will help with fewer headaches and frustrations during your school day.

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