Finally It’s Done!!

After over a month of working on it…or rather over it being in the garage sitting almost being done it’s finally done!


Anyone wanna take a guess as to what I’m talking about?



Why it’s my headboard and footboard of course!


I found the plans for this on Ana White’s website. I’ve been following her for awhile and I’ve been wanting to do this plan for a really long time but just didn’t have time for it and the means to haul wood home from the store. We had to make some modifications to her plans because the store where we got the lumber from apparently has different sizing of wood than what she used. We also didn’t use the side rails for the bed.


We started working on it almost two months ago…scary…but we have two little rascals that keep us busy from being able to work on it. Plus the weather in these parts have not been very nice to us.











Last night I spent part of the evening doing some finishing touches on my bed set. And I was super excited to get them upstairs and attached to our bed! But we had a little bit of a problem…the measurements for the items were longer than what we needed in order to secure the frame to each the headboard and the footboard. So Mr. Newman thought that he could work something out that will allow him to attach the bed boards to the frame.





And what a genius he his!! Because he got it so that we can attach the boards to the frame.





I’m happy that it is done!


Oh p.s. if you want one….we can make one for you!!

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