Freebie Friday

Another Friday, another freebie for y’all.

So a little back story to this printable I’m sharing with you.

I stumbled across this bible verse many moons ago and I thought it was so beautiful. I thought that if Mr. Newman and I ever had a little girl I would some how incorporate it in her bedroom to let her know that no matter what she wears or looks like does not define who she is and what makes her beautiful. Unfortunately we have all boys and I don’t see in the future of us having anymore chillins.

So when my bestie was preggers with her #3 baby (Baby J) I made her a printable to put up in her room.

Here’s the one I made her.

1 peter watermark


I wanted to share this bible verse with you guys but felt like I couldn’t share this one because I made it for her and then it wouldn’t be as special.

Don’t fret, I made you one just as beautiful as the one my bestie’s little girl has. 🙂

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Whatcha think? I like it. 🙂

Anyway, if you wanna get it, click on this link and print it off!



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