Freebie Friday: Purple and Aqua Floral Stickers

It’s Friday!!

This week spring finally arrived here in Minnesota. So happy about that. I was done with the cold and so ready for the warmth. Plus that means the kids can play outside more and burn off all the pent up energy they’ve been holding for a few months.

A couple of weeks back my bestie brought me some items to help me get through the week while Mr. Newman was playing in California. A couple of those items was washi tape, which for the record when she asked if I needed anything I jokingly said washi tape and being the awesome person she is, she brought me some.

This is one of the ones she bought me.

floral layout

Isn’t it so pretty?

Being me, I had to make a layout to go with this pretty washi tape.

And here it is!

floral layout2


I was super excited to use this once I made it.

Here’s how I used both the washi tape and the layout.

floral layout3

floral layout4

floral layout6

floral layout 5


I loved the way it turned out!

I’m such a nice person that I’m giving you this layout fo’ free!!

Like I said in my first Freebie Friday post, they will be up for grabs on my blog for 30 days, after that you have to be a subscriber to my blog to receive access for it. So get it quick before it’s no longer available!!


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