Garage Saling!

The last couple of days I’ve been at my in-laws house doing some garage saling (sp?).

This time of year their town does their “town days” it’s called Truman Days and the city does a city-wide garage sale usually Thursday-Saturday and then has various activities throughout the weekend.

Unfortunately it being the 3rd weekend in July (that’s when it usually happens) it lands on the weekend that we have Jakey’s birthday party and we aren’t able to stay for the festivities that happen tonight and tomorrow.   🙁 Bummer. We haven’t gone to Truman Days in such a long time because he was born during the third week and it just never worked out.

Well, my mother-in-law was going to shopping the days of the sales and wanted to know if I wanted anything in particular from the sales. She gave me a list of the different sales that were happening and to let her know which ones to check out and what to look out for.

As I got to thinking about the sales and what I really was looking for I decided to skip town and head to their house for a couple of days and go shopping with her.

And I came out good.

garage saling

garage saling2

This is what I got: for String Bean: 8 shirts ; 4 long 4 short (one of which was brand new), a hoodie, swimming shorts, 3 pants, a winter jacket. For Turbo: 2 shirts. Mr. Newman: 2 shirts. Me: 1 winter coat, a vest, and 2  pairs of shoes. 7 baking dishes; 3 of which have wicker baskets (which Mama Newman had got for me prior to me arriving), 2 canning jars, 2 Tupperware bowls, various utensils, 3 Tupperware cups, 3 Tupperware containers, corn on the cob holders. A kid puzzle, a brand new Lego set, 2 DVDs and a Tonka truck.

I spent $50 total on all this. So if you count all the items. Go ahead count them.

I spent $1 per item.

In the words of my really good friend Mrs. K, “Dave Ramsey would be so proud!”

That he would!

I’m happy too!  I honestly don’t think I could have gotten a deal like that anywhere else. I mean if you really did the math and estimated each item what they would be at the store, there’s over $100 worth of stuff sitting right there.

I think I’m going to do it next year! 🙂

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