Happy Memorial Day ( a couple days late)

Yeah I’m a little late…better late than never right?


So this last weekend was Memorial Day. Usually it’s that time of year where people gather around a BBQ feast and have good times with friends, go camping or just plain have fun. What most people don’t usually remember is that there’s a reason behind the holiday. It is to honor those in our country who have served in the Armed Forces and lost their lives protecting the freedoms and liberties of those who they’ve left behind.

In honor of this holiday Mr. Newman and I hosted a BBQ. We invited a few of our friends. 7 families (8 if you want to include ours), with two children in each family–except for two families who only had one..and 2 single ladies were at our house…you do the math on how many people were here.


That many.

14 kids. And their parents.

We had a lot of food. A lot of fun. And I believe only one person got hurt..minorly though.

memorial day

memorial day2

memorial day3

memorial day4

memorial day5

memorial day6

memorial day7



The weather was kind of yucky here, cold and rainy, so the kids were limited to what they could do. At one point though I did send them outside…they were getting a little too crazy!

memorial day8

memorial day9

memorial day10

memorial day11




All in all I think it was a good time…wouldn’t mind doing it again!

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