Happy Planners and a free printable

Hey all! Today I’m going to talk to you about planners. More specifically the best planner out there, at least in my opinion.

Last December I got the most amazing, fantastic planner ever. It’s called a Happy Planner from Me and My Big Ideas. 

There are 7 different styles of these planners.

This is the one I bought.

image source: Me and My Big Ideas
image source: Me and My Big Ideas

I love it!!!

I got only because the planner I had at the time was too large to shove in my purse if I needed to take it somewhere and I wasn’t about to get another planner to just carry around because a.) I’d totally forget that it’s there when I needed it and b.) I’d forget that I wrote something down in there and then not transfer the information in my main planner.

So the thing though with these planners is that there’s like this crazy, yet awesome trend to deck them out, in like stickers and stuff. Oh my gosh soo addicting too. If you do a search on Pinterest for Happy Planner Sticker layouts, you can find a bunch of free ones that people have made. You can also buy items made for the planners through Me and My Big Ideas or Etsy. And you can get expansion packs, so like little tab things for your fitness tracking or recipes you want to keep. So amazing.

Here are couple of layouts that I’ve done since getting the planner.


This one I did for last week, in honor of the late Alan Rickman.


And this week, I did a spread for the hubby’s birthday.


It’s like doing mini scrapbook pages every week. 🙂 If you love scrapbooking I highly suggest purchasing one of these planners and have a ton of fun with it. They’re on sale right now, half off on their website. You can also purchase them at Blitsy, some Michaels stores and they have maybe one or two on Amazon, but those aren’t on sale.

And if you are on Facebook you can join groups that share awesome tips and free printables for not only this type of planner but other ones as well.

Being the creative person that I am, I decided to make a couple of layouts of things that I’d like to have in my planner. And one of the first ones I created was a cupcake themed one. Shocker that I picked cupcakes :).

cupcake layout



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