Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines everyone!

Do you and your sweetheart have any plans for today?

Mr. Newman and myself really don’t. You see Mr. Newman doesn’t believe in V-day. He says it was made up by the Hallmark Corporation to make people spend ridiculous amounts of money on gifts. Such a romantic isn’t he?

So what are we doing?  We’re staying in because he doesn’t want to go out and wait in line for a table at a restaurant plus we’re trying to be good this month and not eat out as much.  Plus I’ll probably end up going to Zumba tonight because after all it is family fitness night!


We’re making this for supper. Should be interesting, haven’t made it before and I thought that we should give it a go.

And this is what’s for dessert


Its like that firework cake that I made this summer, only it doesn’t have blue!


valentines day cake


valentines day cake2

valentines day cake3


Can’t wait to eat it!



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