I’m thankful for…homeschooling

It’s day 6 of my “I’m thankful for…” series, peeps!!

It’s almost turkey day! Who’s ready?

Today’s post is how I’m thankful for the opportunity to homeschool my kids.

When Mr. Newman and I had originally decided to homeschool String Bean, (the only one at the time that was old enough), I was a little nervous. I wasn’t sure if I’d be smart enough to know everything to teach them. I didn’t know how to approach teaching him, like do I treat it like a regular school setting or what. I also wasn’t sure even where to start.

I didn’t do a whole lot of research at the time, I just picked something I thought was good and was Christian based. My sister-in-law was the only other person I knew who homeschooled. At the time, I thought homeschooling was such a taboo thing. That you don’t tell people that you homeschooled or you’d get the look. You know what I mean, the “Oh, you homeschool? They must be weird” look. And honestly, that’s the look and the questions I got from people, people who were supposedly my friends. A few of them, who were teachers actually asked me why would I want to do that. Um, it’s none of your business? I still don’t know the real reason why we homeschool. I mean it is a bit cheaper overall to not send our kids to a public school, but I think overall I don’t think my kids would really learn much if they were sent to a public school.

But I am grateful for the ability to not only stay home with my kids but to teach them as well. We do have our days where it gets stressful and they don’t want to do their work, but then there are the other days where Turbo cracks me up with what the things he says about his school work. I’m grateful for all of the resources out there for me to use to help teach the kids. I can’t imagine trying to homeschool 20 years ago without the resources that are available today. I’m grateful for my friends who are homeschoolers too, online and here in Minnesota.

What are you thankful for today?

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3 comments on “I’m thankful for…homeschooling

  1. Stephanie, I knew when I included you several weeks ago in my top 10 new homeschooling blogs to follow round up I would be visiting time and time again. I love how Raw you are; I’ll share on twitter for you! While you were under the impression homeschooling was a Taboo thing, I’m sitting here thinking it is the hardest thing in the UNIVERSE. I have a couple years yet to decide what I’ll do with my oldest, as I’m conffident I’ll never keep my youngest at home, but the THOUGHT of homeschooling is so scary to me. How will I breathe? How will I work? How iwll I do everything I need to do AND give m daughter EVERYTHING she needs?

    Thank you for being raw and real. Letting me know I am, in fact, not alone in my thoughts as we come closer every day to a decision which seems faraway wbut will be here long before I am prepared.

    1. Kaitlyn, at first, homeschooling when you start thinking about it seems a bit daunting and it is at times. Especially when you have so much more going on. But with time it gets better. Thank you for continuing to follow me, I’m not sure how many people actually read my thoughts and I’m glad when I get comments like this that someone is. 🙂

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