I’m Thankful for…my church

Day four of I’m Thankful for…. series is here!

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I think since it’s Sunday it’d be fitting to do a post on how grateful I am of our church.

I’ve mentioned a few times where we go to church and how much I love everyone there.

I’ve probably mentioned a few times on here how we started going to Valley. If not…I’m going to repeat my story. So sit back and relax. 🙂

Mr. Newman and I were living in a small town in southern Minnesota, he was working in a suburb of the Twin Cities, therefore he was commuting a 1 1/2 hour drive one way every day. He did this for almost 3 years. It was taking a physical toll not only on him but also his vehicle. Granted it was a tiny Chevy Caviler and was getting pretty good gas milage but he was tired of doing it. He’d be up when it was dark out and if you know anything about daylight savings time, it’d be dark when he would get home in the winter time.

Needless to say, we started looking for a place to move to. *Blah blah blah time passed*. We moved, to the burbs. Yay! The day after we moved, I’m dead serious, we went to church, because you know we moved on a Saturday and the next day was Sunday right? I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite ready to commit to going to a church, I had thought we would “shop” around for a church that really fit us. Yeah, kind of didn’t need to do that.

It took us awhile to really get to know people there, but I’m ever so grateful for these people. They are genuinely concerned about you if you don’t show up to church for a couple of weeks. I think there was like a month a couple years ago that we didn’t show up because we had things going on and they were starting to get worried that we left. And they don’t just care if you don’t show up to church, well they do but they care about you. You had a baby, surgery or greatly sick, here’s a meal for you.

I love the bible study classes that are available there. Right now I’m in a women’s bible study and we’re going through Margret Feinberg’s Wonderstruck bible study.  I love the service opportunities that we can get involved in like Feed My Starving Children, Hope Kids and so many more I can’t think of. I love the worship time. I love everything!


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What are you thankful for today?


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