It’s Not Everyday Your Young Man Turns 11

You guys.

I have been waiting for this day since String Bean has become a Potterhead.

First, let me show you some pictures of my String Bean, now that he’s 11.


I knew that once I could get him to read the first book of the Harry Potter series, I knew he’d be hooked. And he was. That kid has read the series 3 + times since the first day I handed him the book. This kid is almost as big as a Harry Potter nerd as me. I mean, he walks around the house and outside with a stick pretending to do spells and curses.

I also knew, if I could get him to read it before he turned 11, he was going to have a very special birthday.

When he opens his door today, he will find this little something there.


I made this cake for his birthday, since his party isn’t for a couple of weeks yet and we can have a different Harry Potter themed cake.

I don’t know who’s more excited for him being 11, me or him.



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