Let the construction begin.

So I’m a bit behind the times here.

We started construction on our unfinished area in the house last weekend.

I’ve just been a little worn out lately that I haven’t had time to type something up for it. With going to church on Sunday, Super Bowl party on Sunday night,  FPU on Tuesday nights, back to church on Wednesday nights for bible study groups and then we have to get groceries somewhere in there as well.



the little helpers

As I was saying, we started construction last weekend. Mr. Newman’s parents came up to help us with the process of picking out the right tools we needed, as well as actually helping out.

The project for the day was to get the framing done for the room, meaning putting up the dividing wall and framing the knee wall for the room that didn’t have it.


They were hard little workers. Got it all done…well the framing at least.

Now Mr. Newman has to get the electrical done, some HVAC stuff done and other things to get it ready for drywall


We got some of the materials for the electrical this week and tonight Mr. Newman and I will be shopping for more materials to get the rooms ready for drywall.

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