The Logic Smart Kid

Moving right along with our 8 intelligence posts.

This week is all about the logic smart kid. If you missed last week’s post on about the first intelligence I went over. Scroll down to the bottom of this post and you’ll find it there!

So I’ll preface this one by saying, if any of those who know me personally and my family, this is Jacob through and through. Oof.

Moving on.

How to tell if you kiddo is a logic smart kid

These kiddos think with questions.  They get joy from solving intellectual puzzles and figuring things out.  They feel most secure when things make sense. They want to know why. They don’t like to be confused. They love exploring new ideas. Maybe what you call tinkerers, love taking things apart and see how they work. They love science and math. They’re good at analyzing, predicting , and inventing (see engineer) .

Struggles for logic smart kids




Overly frustrated when they are confused, especially when the “rules” don’t make sense.

Intellectual pride.

Ways to strengthen this intelligence

Introduce them to fun trivia questions and facts.

Giving them problems to solve helps strengthen this smart.

Teaching different thinking verbs, what they are and what they mean.

Play games like Blokus and Clue!

Use brainteaser activities.


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