Long Time No See??

Holey moley has it been a really really long time since I’ve posted anything.

Frankly, I’ve We’ve been a tad busy. Basically, Mr. Newman has been getting things ready for little mister #3.

Speaking of that, I have a month left. And I’m sooo ready to be done. Today I rearranged where my desk was and I had to get on my hands and knees to plug and unplug things. You know how difficult it is to do that when you’re 36 weeks pregnant? Very. I so wanted to lay on my stomach to do such things and of course I can’t!

Anyway. So, like I said, we’ve been working on getting things ready for little mister , and it’s basically taken all summer for us to work on. Well, not so much me  as it was Mr. N with some assistance from his helpers.

Here’s the breakdown of the projects he’s been working on this summer.

Well, first he finished the classroom (for the most part, finishing up the knee wall wood pieces, adding window trim) and moved all the stuff from upstairs to downstairs (sowwy, no pictures).

Once he was done with that he got to work painting the boys’ room (String Bean and Turbo). Before that he had fixed the boys’ beds. Not that they were broken or anything, he just modified them to make the head and the foot ends smaller so they didn’t take up the entire room…did I mention that we moved the boys from where they were when we moved in, into the old classroom? That room is just a tiny bit bigger than their other room.




The painting process took a little bit longer than it probably should have. The “paint” that was originally on the walls when we bought the house was either really chintzy paint or it was just colored primer. If there was a mark on the wall that could have been wiped away with normal paint, it couldn’t in our case. For instance, a month or so after we moved in, my youngest decided to take a white board marker and draw on the wall. Typical kid.  I tried to scrub it off but as I was doing so, it rubbed away whatever paint was there.

Also, you know those 3M command strips? Yeah, I used a few of them throughout the house for decorations and noticed the  first time I took one off that it ripped off part of the drywall..yeah, not cool. Needless to say, we had to putty up the “holes” left from the rips in the wall from the command strips and primer everything with these two rooms. I’m so not looking forward to the day when we paint the rest of the house.


After that he started working on baby’s room. Now remember back in July I had a post about how we should paint the room? Well with some input from family and friends we decided on….

Option #1.


It was a bear for Mr. N to paint but he had some assistance from Turbo.




Once the room was all painted we started adding in the furniture for it.



Back in May my friend Jenn and I went curbside shopping and found a changing table someone had left out there for the garbage man to pick up. –Let me clarify we do not do this on a regular basis, it’s just that my town was doing one of those spring cleaning pick up days and everyone drives around town looking for stuff. So, we decided to partake in the fun.

Anyway, this changing table needed a little TLC and Mr. N gave it just that. Stripped it down and repainted it. It was missing a drawer or two and we decided it would be cheaper instead of making new ones we’d just make a shelf instead on the bottom for baskets! I love how it turned out. I loved how the entire room turned out. Well, really both rooms. 🙂





We still need to add a few things for the baby and the boys’ room, like wall décor and different curtains but  it’ll happen in good time.

That was pretty much the project list for this summer that he completed, I know it doesn’t sound like much but when you really only have weekends to work on it and X amount of money to do said things, it takes up a lot of your time.


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