Lucky Charms Cupcakes

St. Patty’s day is right around the corner and if you’re still looking for  a fun and super easy treat to have to celebrate, look no further.

I present, Lucky Charms Cupcakes.


In preparation for this yummy and fun dessert I had to buy Lucky Charms right? Look at this box I found!

lucky charms cupcakes

It’s vintage!

lucky charms cupcakes

General Mills has a few other cereals out on the shelves that have the vintage picture on the front and I believe the back of the box. Kind of cool I think.

Anyway, back to the cupcakes.

Basically, all you’re going to need is either  your favorite recipe for a white cake mix/yellow or you can cheat like I did and buy a box 🙂 and your favorite recipe for frosting or again you can cheat and buy a can of frosting. And then obviously the Lucky Charms.

Mix up your batter for the cuppy cakes, and then if you have a toddler, let them lick the beater 🙂

lucky charms cupcakes

That’s an order!

lucky charms cupcakes

Cuppy Cakes!!

lucky charms cupcakes


Now I didn’t cheat when it came to the frosting, I actually just used a recipe I found on the internet, and this is the one I chose. Again, super easy to make.

Getting closer to being done!

lucky charms cupcakes


I picked out the marshmallows out of the box and I felt like a kid only eating the marshmallows out of the bowl and leaving the rest of it to float in the milk.

lucky charms cupcakes

lucky charms cupcakes



In retrospect I probably should have colored the frosting a bit to give it a little umph but oh well.

So there you have it, your treats for St. Patty’s day, they’re magically delicious!

2 comments on “Lucky Charms Cupcakes

  1. I must be really hormonal cause your post made me teary eyed! How I miss those days of lil’ ones and making fun food. My girlies are in their 20’s and I’m supposed to be that boring Paleo, healthy adult who is fighting genetics and arthritis and other “inflammatory” issues (I’m only 51, but geesh!)!

    These are cute and taking the time to “play” with your kids is the most important thing parents can do with their kids!

    Keep “playing”… they grow up so fast. They remember these days forever, and you will too!


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