String Bean’s Birthday

Thursday was String Bean 7th birthday.

Yep, 7 years ago this little turkey was born.

luke's 7th


So Thursday morning I made him cinnamon rolls for breakfast and he had a birthday cinnamon roll.

luke's 7th 2

luke's 7th 3


Saturday was his party.

It was to the tune of Phineas and Ferb. For those who are unaware of Phineas and Ferb, check this out. Even though it’s a kid’s show, it’s hilarious.

There were 4 families here with each  having 2 kids  around the same age, which was good for the kids so that they could play with each other so nicely. And boy did they play.

luke's 7th 4

luke's 7th 5

luke's 7th 6

I made some awesome cupcakes for the party and we had super yummy pizza from Red Savoy.  One of my favorite pizza places now!

luke's 7th 7

luke's 7th 8

luke's 7th 9

luke's 7th 10





Miss Norah with her cupcake.

luke's 7th 11

Little Miss Evelyn

luke's 7th 12

And her little brother Oliver.

luke's 7th 13


I think our kids had a good time. String Bean and Turbo didn’t fight going to bed last night.

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