Master Binder

This last year we tested out a new curriculum ( Heart of Dakota) and fell in love with it. I loved that while it still provided a teacher’s guide as to what to do each day instead of me trying to figure it out through workbooks, it also had our kids read out of real books instead, again using workbooks.

But, I had an issue trying to keep track of both kids using two completely different books for their age. So I ended up having both books open up at the same time, and let me tell you folks, they’re not small books. They’re huge. Luke’s was spiral bound when we bought it, and while I thought that was a win in my direction, oddly enough it wasn’t. The binding kept twirling it around, driving me absolutely crackers. Jakey’s wasn’t spiral bound and I ripped off the binding and 3 hole punched it, and thus making both books bigger than the width of my desk ( ok, maybe not really but you get the gist).

WIth this in mind I set out to find ways to make my life a little easier in making sure I know what my kiddos are up to for their school day/week.

And behold!

A master binder for our school stuff.

This thing will have everything I will need to make our school year run smoothly. Hopefully.

Let’s have a walk through shall we?

I used the dividers that have pockets in them so in case I need to keep something that goes along with each section I don’t have to loose the paper(s) in the midst of the important stuff.

Here are each of the sections and I’ll break it down and show you what each section contains

  • HOD Beyond Lesson sheets
  • HOD Beyond Poetry
  • HOD Beyond Weekly Schedule
  • HOD Beyond Scope and Sequence
  • HOD RTR (Resurrection to Reformation) Lesson Plans
  • HOD RTR Poetry
  • HOD Beyond Material List
  • HOD RTR Material List
  • HOD RTR Narration List
  • Attendance and Field Trip Tracker
  • Spelling List ( for HOD Beyond)
  • Appendix
  • Spanish
  • Ancient Art
  • Early American Art

So this section is you guessed it..lesson plans for Beyond Little Hearts for His Glory.


Next, comes the poetry used in the particular curriculum.

Weekly schedule for BLHFHG.

This year, I’m going to forgo using my Happy Planner to plan our weekly schedule’s. I plan to use it for big picture planning.

Next, is the Scope and Sequence and the recommended schedule for Jakey’s Math.

Onto big boy Luke with Resurrection to Reformation. So his lesson plans are in this binder. I am not putting all the lesson plans that came with the teacher’s guide. I’m only putting about a month’s worth in there and then swapping it out when we’re done with it.

After that it’s his poetry section.

And his weekly schedule.

After all the weekly schedules and important parts of their curriculum comes the materials list. This is nice to have up front instead in back of the book, like they do in some teacher’s guides because then it shows you what you need for that particular unit.

Instead of having a spelling list, Luke will have what is called Narration. This is where he will have to read a paragraph about something random and either write it down on a piece of paper or orally tell me from memory.

Attendance and Field Trips. I suck so bad at recording this. Not that we need to per se, but it’s nice to know when we’ve had sick days and such.

This is for Jakey’s spelling list. He won’t start narration until I believe Preparing Hearts for His Glory.

And the last two sections are for both of their art curriculum and Luke’s spanish, which I guess I did not take pictures of. Hmm.

Anyway, that’s all of my binder.


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