Meal Planning

One of my unfavorite things to do as a mom, is to meal plan. I hate it. Hate it. I hate trying to figure out what to have every night of the week that everyone will enjoy and I won’t have to fight them to eat it.

It doesn’t help that we’re all little picky about what we’d like to eat. I have ones who don’t eat very many kinds of vegetables, (no broccoli or cauliflower) , they only like certain kinds of meats, (so seafood is out), and so on.

It’s hard to come up with different meals all the time and not have them week after week after week.

Enter, Mrs. H’s meal planning.

Mrs. H. is this wonderful woman who came to visit our homeschool co-op back in November or something like that ( I can’t remember that far back) and she is a veteran homeschooling mama who runs the only homeschooling store in the midwest and she is fantastic.

She came to talk to us about a variety of things but the one thing that stuck out to me was meal planning.  For most of us, working mom’s or not we always ask this question every day “What are we going to have for supper?”. And to help solve that problem, she introduced us to this great idea of meal planning ahead of time.

You see, I used to meal plan all the time, still did when Mrs. H came to visit, but I did it at 1-2 week intervals and I got tired sitting down every week trying to figure out what to eat that we didn’t just have. And her idea is utterly genius. Genius I tell you.

You take all the meals you typically have, type it up on the computer by the week. So you’d put on the top of the document: Week 1. Then under that type of 5-7 meals for that week, and move on until you can’t think of any more meals for the subsequent weeks. Then when it’s time to see what you’re going to have for meals that week, you print off Week 1, and check it out. Do this every week for Weeks 2, 3, 4, etc.

Like so:

So for example, we’re on Week 4. Meals we’re having this week are Garlic Parmesan Chicken, Laura’s Mex Dish, Mini meatloaf, Cheddar Bacon Soup, Egg Bake, Ham and Sloppy Joes. We may swap out the Ham because we’ll be having ham soon for Easter. But you get the idea.

So simple. I owe this lady so much. This allows me to just grab whatever week that’s coming up, flip through my recipe binder for the ingredients and add it to my grocery list for that week.

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