Medieval Feast

String Bean has been learning about the knights, lords and ladies, and all things that surround the Medieval Times the last couple of weeks. Every unit he has some type of history project that he has to work on, sometimes it’s a thing made out of clay, or some little diddy he has to write up, but this time he had to do some research prior to working on said project. Which brings me to my post for today.



I will say there are not a whole lot of examples of a modernish Medieval feast on the internet without having to actually go to one of those restaurants that have a medieval feast and a show.

So String Bean and I looked at what type of foods that were eaten by the nobles. We came up with a list and narrowed it down to roasted chicken, cheeses, fruit, roasted potatoes, green beans, pound cake and sparkling juice. It was delicious!


I wouldn’t mind doing this again when it’s Turbo’s time to plan a feast.



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