Minon Birthday Party Round-Up

So the Despicable Me has been a thing at our house since we watched the first movie.


We own the first and second movie and have the Minions Mini Movie too. It has a couple of shorts on it like this one.

My kids like to pretend they’re Kevin, or Stuart or Dave (you know, the minions).

My eldest is having a birthday party coming up and he loves loves loves the movies.

So I thought I’d round-up some of the cutest and fun Despicable Me birthday ideas floating around there on the interwebs and share it with you!


Here are some cute invites that I found:

Customized Despicable Me 2 invites 

This one is super cute,

3D minion invite

Thought these were fun!

Ticket Despicable Me invites

minion birthday party


You can’t forget about the fun stuff!

Bowling Minions

Box of Shame

minion birthday party

Put the eyes on the minion

Or the decorations!

Despicable Me kit

minion birthday party

Photo booth props

Minion bunting

minion birthday party

Name banner


Last but certainly not least, the goodies!


minion birthday party

Minion Twinkie cupcakes

Shrunken Moon Pops 

Goodie Bags–there’s a ton of stuff from Party City and Etsy that I could throw into these goodie bags!

minion birthday party

I’m so excited! To start planning a Despicable Me birthday party!

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