Morning Circle Time

I had been seeing a lot floating around the homeschool websites that I follow or catch things on Pinterest about Morning Circle Time or Morning Basket and was a little intrigued as to what this was. I did a little bit more digging into what it was and decided that this is something that I wanted to start doing this school year with my kiddos.

What is Morning Circle Time?

Basically it’s a time where we all get together in the morning- duh- prior to starting our school work to pray, read and do other fun things together.

This is where we will do our Pledge of Allegiance – yes I make my kids do this-, we do some prayer time, work on some spelling words, learn about the current events of our world, calendar time, and  a poem of the day- these are done every day. And then Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday we do a fun learning activity. So for example, on Mondays we will learn about a President, State or Country. The other fun learning activities I have planned for the other days are a composer study, a bible verse of the week, here they will learn a new verse to memorize, and then we will read a chapter out of a book of my choosing

Here’s what’s in our Circle Time/Morning Basket basket.

I have our reading books, and a couple of folders for what helps run our morning time together.

On my folder, it has the morning basket agenda taped to the outside. This helps me figure out what we need to next. I assume once we’ve done this a few times I won’t have to refer to my agenda anymore.

Also inside is the lists of the fun activities we are going to do for our loop schedule.

What’s going on that week.

The current event news articles we are going to read about.

Bible verses we are going to memorize.


Spelling lists for each kiddo.

Information on the composers we are going to learn about this year.

And the schedule of what state, country and president we’re going to learn about as well.

To go with the countries we’re going to learn about, I found and printed off these fun little passport booklets. And every time we learn about a new country the kids will glue on a “stamp” for that country. Fun huh?

The boys each have a folder in the basket for papers for the studies we’re going to do during our morning circle time.


So that’s what’s in our Morning Circle Time basket. Do you do Morning Circle Time? What’s in your basket?


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