Mother’s Day Gift

I have a Mother’s Day gift idea right here folks!

So if you’re my mother or mother-in-law you need to stop reading this now.

I mean it.



My thought behind this gift idea was, what can I get them that they’ll both love from the kiddies that they already don’t have a million of. Like jewelry or pieces of pretty artwork from the kids. I thought, hey, gardens. They both love gardening, why not get them something for their gardens? I bring you, stepping stone. It’s a cool and fun activity for the kids to do, and adults too. 🙂

The things you’re going to need to get are:

  • concrete mix–this is the kind we used
  • 5 gallon bucket (for mixing concrete)–can get at Home Depot, Lowes, Menards
  • something to mix concrete with–Mr. N used a drill with a mixing paddle attached to it to mix ours, but you can probably use a heavy stick.
  • pretty stones to decorate with ,coins, old keys or anything you want to stick in the concrete. We used something similar to this

mothers day gift

  • stepping stone mold or plastic plant tray or metal pie plate
  • you can add in a color mix to the concrete to make it more pretty, we opted not to.
  • you can also use these little stamps to add in your words, totally optional, we didn’t use them.
  • and your kids!

Now you can get all these things or you can take the easy route and get a stepping stone mix that you can find at Hobby Lobby or any craft store. I think buying the individual items is a heck of a lot cheaper than buying the kit. The concrete cost about $2.79 at Menards, the plastic trays were $2.99 at Hobby Lobby or you can get the plastic plant trays, they’re probably $1 if that at your local gardening supply store, and the stones we bought were $8, but there are the little round ones you can get in a bag for about $3.In all we paid $16.77, compared to the $19 or more for the kit and you only get one out of the deal, where as we made 4 of them and still have concrete and stones left over, and the trays are in still good condition.


Mix the concrete in your 5 gallon bucket. I grabbed my hubby because he’s the handy man and knows all the things with tools and things. You’ll want to put the concrete mix in the bottom of your bucket and then add in the water. You want to end up with concrete at the consistency of cake batter.  Too much water, and the concrete will fail to cure.

After its all mixed up, pour into your trays.

mothers day gift

mothers day gift

Allow 20 minutes of drying time before you attempt to write your name or a witty slogan in  your stepping stone and decorative pieces. If the imprint fills with water, then simply smooth it out and wait an additional 5 minutes or so and begin again. Allow 30 minutes of drying time before adding hand or foot prints.

mothers day gift

And then wait for it to harden. You’ll want to wait at least another 24-48 hours to fully dry. I have no patience so I took it out of its mold after 24 hours.

Ta-da! It’s finished!

mothers day gift

mothers day gift




See, so easy to make!



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