Mudding and Taping

So we started this recently….


We started doing this, what? A couple of weeks ago? Anyway. we first filled in the screw holes. That was kind of fun. I got dirty 🙂 .


Then the last  couple of Tuesday’s one of our friends from church volunteered to help Mr. Newman with some of the taping and mudding. That was super nice of him. When we started talking about working on this people volunteered not to help us with this step. I wonder why? 🙂




We’ve only got one round of it on ( I believe) so, we have to do some sanding and some more mudding.

We’re getting there…I think after all the coats are completed I think our next step is texture? I have no idea how to do that. I think I’ll leave it up to Mr. Newman to figure that out.

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