Munzee Hunting


“What did that title of this post just say?

“Munzee Hunting.”

“I still don’t get it.” **Crazy lady**

I’ll explain what Munzee hunting is. But a lil back story. My dear bestie is an awesome photographer, and this last fall she was taking our pictures at one of our favorite parks that is near us, and while we were finding another place to stand and look all pretty she was curious  if there were any Munzees in the park. I thought she was off her rocker because she was saying things I didn’t understand so I just went along with it because it’s Mama Laura and she knows all the things about things. Anywho. So she whipped out her phone and started walking towards this sign and then scanned a QR code sticker that was on the underside of it. She then proceeded to explain what on earth she was doing.

And here’s what and how this Munzee thing I’m babbling about works.

image source: Munzee


So Munzee hunting, the best way I can really describe it is like a scavenger hunt and also kind of like Geocaching. I know, I know, it’s not as hard core as Geocaching, but it’s still fun.

How it works is that people purchase or create QR codes and stick them all over! Ok, maybe not all over, but you know what I mean.  Underside of park benches, zip tied to tree branches, on the back of signs, etc. All you do then is whip out your smart phone with your already downloaded Munzee app, and scan the QR code sticker, and bam, you just captured a Munzee. There are all sorts of Munzees you can purchase, greenies which look like a QR code you see all over. Then there are special ones like these:


5-diamond-munzee-pack-3 (1)
image source: DDGameZone

There are so many other ones, but I don’t want to bore you with them.

So then when you scan these bad boys you get so many points per QR code and special ones like the diamond that is shown above is worth up to 20 points, and that amount is split randomly between the captor and the person who deployed it. Yes, you get points for not only a person capturing your Munzee but also deploying it.

My bestie capturing a Munzee


There are also, virtual Munzees you can capture, and those you don’t have to scan stickers, you just have to be within 300 ft of the Munzee to capture.

There are a ton of Munzees out there, for example, here’s a screenshot of the map of all the Munzee’s near the Burnsville Center in Minnesota.


Look at all those Munzees!! Crazy!!

So last weekend my bestie and I gathered up our chillins and went to MOA becuase there are a ton of the virtual Munzees there.

Chunky Monkey and J hanging out in their strollers
Chunky Monkey and J hanging out in their strollers

We had to make a stop at the Lego Store so the kids could play a bit.



While we watched the kids play Mama Laura did her thing and explained Munzee hunting to this nice lady at the mall.





Munzee hunting is so much fun, and it gives you an excuse to get off the couch and go outside and spend time with your kids!

I’m sure I’m missing so much information to tell you about Munzee hunting. But if you’re interested in starting Munzee hunting check out this link for more info!



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