The Music Smart Kid

Our next intelligence in this series about the 8 Great Smarts, is the music smart kid.

How to tell if you kiddo is a music smart kid

These kiddos get joy in being lost in music. They find rhythms and melodies in the world and think with them. They may be able to sing in tune or play one or more instruments. They enjoy different musical types and may be able to distinguish among them and their composers.

Struggles for picture smart kids

Being distracted by music during study time.

Making noise when they shouldn’t be.

Idolizing music.

Tendency to perfectionism.

Forgiving themselves.

Music pride in their musical skills, performances and understandings.

Ways to strengthen this intelligence


Have music playing in the background.

Point out sounds and music in their environment.

Encourage them to be part of an ensemble whether vocal or instrumental.

Play games such as Cranium and Encore. 


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