My New Adventure


I know I’ve tried this several times. This new venture bit. I’m praying this will actually pan out and work out for me, and well the rest of my family.


Ah! This is so out of my comfort zone it hurts. The pains of being an introvert…..

I can do this. I can do this.

If you couldn’t tell from my featured image if you found this post from Facebook, I’m trying to start my own photography business.

There. I said it. *winces*

I’ve had a love for photography since I took a photography class in high school. I loved all aspects of it, taking the pictures, developing the film in a dark room ( I know, I’m old), and seeing the end result.

Most recently, I’ve gotten into it by taking pictures mostly of the kids and stuff around me. If you’ve followed my blog for the last couple of years you’ll know that I’ve had some of my pictures show up in a community calendar for my town and that was a huge thing for me. That made me think that I can actually probably do this, be a photographer.

But in the last couple of years I’ve felt a little discouraged about because I didn’t get in the calendar because there were much better photos that were submitted that did. And I gave it my all with the ones that I did submit and admittedly, I cried over not getting in.

So I hung up my camera for a while and didn’t bother trying to practice learning how to use my camera for a long time. My husband got  me a flipping, fantastic lens for my birthday, and I didn’t actually use it until I shot a wedding with my bestie this past summer.

{Yeah, I helped shoot a wedding. And that was so amazing. I mean, it probably helped that the bride was someone who went to my bestie and my church and there were so many people from our church attending that I felt comfortable being there (not that nerves didn’t get the best of me that morning to the point that I didn’t eat) .}

Photos from first wedding as a second shooter

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I didn’t touch it because at the time I thought it was a manual, and I didn’t want to use it. It’s hard enough to try to be still and hold a camera and now I had to manually focus this thing and be steady. No thanks.

I shot another wedding a month after the one I did with my bestie, with a lovely lady and her daughter from my church and that was absolutely fun as well, it was on a boat!

Second wedding as second shooter

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But after these weddings, and looking at my photos, I felt a little discouraged (again) because I had used my 50mm (my pretty lens from the hubs, yeah, he got me one of them. I did good, huh?) and they weren’t that great (to me at least), and maybe they aren’t. I don’t know what the other two photographers think of them.  But instead of hanging up my camera, I went out and I tried again. I took my camera and took pictures and I posted some of these pictures to my personal FB page to let the world see (well, really my friends).

I even got asked a friend’s wedding by a different friend to shoot her upcoming wedding. I’m hoping she is serious about this because I would love love to do it. But as of right now, I have no idea where she stands on me wanting to do photograph her wedding.

*Big breath* …

The thing that’s been hanging over my head and still kind of does, is am I good enough? I am super scared of screwing up ( because that can happen, because it’s me)  and no one will hire me ever again. I was even more scared discussing the idea of being a photographer with my best friend.  I love her, she is like the one of very few people who I can spill my heart, thoughts, etc. to, and if you know anything about my personality, you know that I don’t spill my guts out to just anyone, only a handful of people who I truly can trust. And she is one of them few peeps.

That being said, we talked about this photography thing and she gave me some things to think about and a heck of a lot of encouragement that I seriously needed. Because my biggest thing with being all scared about talking to her about this, was that I didn’t want to step on her toes because she is a wonderful photographer. I mean I hire her for all of our family pictures and recommend her for friends who are looking for one.

I admire her so much and she’s probably going to bawl reading this because that’s who she is and she’s like 4 months pregnant and hormones are running high. Sorry lady {I just want to note, that I’m not dismissing any one here who hasn’t supported me in this endeavor, Laura, like I said before is my best friend and I respect her and her opinions, especially in this area. I do want to thank all that have supported me and will support me with this.}!

And here it is…me presenting this all the people who read this blog, I’m starting a photography business. Well, kind of. I need to build some experience. As I’ve said before So, with that, if you are in the Twin Cities area (or even southern MN) and are a wedding photographer, and are looking for a second shooter I’m available. Because I think this is the kind of area of photography I’d love to get into, but I’d love any kind of experience that I can take to build my portfolio as you would say.

Good gravy, I did not mean for this to be this long or sappy.



And now I’m going to hide in my little hole.

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