The Nature Smart Kid

Our next intelligence in this series about the 8 Great Smarts, is the nature smart kid.

How to tell if you kiddo is a nature smart kid

They need their passion and wonderment for nature respected and to be outside often.

They recognize patterns easily. Like shapes, sizes, colors, designs and textures.

This intelligence is close to picture smartness.

May be interested in the weather.

Struggles for nature smart kids


They become irritable if they’re kept inside for long periods of time, espeically if there are no windows.

Never being allowed outside can paralyze this smart, as well as collections not being honored.

Ways to strengthen this intelligence


Helping them see the details in their environments and in animals and plants.

Develop a method of how to categorize, compare and contrast things. For example, if studying trees, teach them a way to differentiate all the trees in their environment.

Games you can play with a nature smart kid are Qwirkle and Rock on Geology Game.

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