New Flooring Project

Those who have been following my blog for sometime now, know that we bought our current home 3ish years ago. I had taken some pictures prior to us moving in and then shortly after to show y’all what it looks like. We’ve made a few improvements in some of the rooms, split one enormous room into two to make a train room and a classroom-which eventually became String Bean’s room and the classroom moved into the train room.

This past weekend our two oldest boys, String Bean and Turbo went off to visit their cousins in the boondocks, I mean Rapid City, South Dakota ;).  We knew we needed to get our flooring done at some point and I saw that there was some on sale at Menards last week. We made a trip to said store, picked up flooring materials and waited until the kids disappeared for the weekend so we can accomplish this fun task.

Let’s remind our viewers at home what the room we worked on this weekend looked like prior to the flooring project.

So this is what it looked like relatively soon after we moved in. This was basically our storage space until we decided to put up a wall.

Train room and classroom

Then it looked a little somethin’ somethin’ like this after we put the drywall and mud and taped it.



And then these were taken this weekend.

new flooring

new flooring2


Mr. Newman putting down some vapor barrier.

new flooring3

new flooring4
new flooring5

We bought some subflooring instead of just putting down the laminate on top of the vapor barrier ..because you know…we live in gets cold. I want to give a big thank you to Mr. Kevin for helping Mr. Newman on getting the subflooring. Heaven knows I probably would have complained about carrying something that awkward through the house.

new flooring6


Daddy’s little helper making sure things are square.

new flooring7

new flooring 8


new flooring9jpg


Getting close!

new flooring 13


Ta-da!! All done!!

new flooring 10 copy

new flooring 11

new flooring 12


Well, sort of. We have to put quarter-round in yet and then some trim around the windows and knee-wall and then this room is complete!!

Mr. Newman did such a good job didn’t he?


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