No One Told Me

Oh my goodness.

They never tell you that having three kids is hard work.



Don’t get me wrong. I love my little squishy guy,



but I honestly don’t remember the sleepless nights and nap times, the constant attention they need, and the feeling like I never get anything done because I’m taking care of said baby and two other ones.

The other ones. I’m forgetting them. I feel bad for them. I homeschool, as you know, and this year for String Bean we’re using a computer program called Switched on Schoolhouse. Ugh. I hate this program. I’m sure it works for some families, but it’s not for us. More on that later.Anywho, I leave String Bean alone to deal with Turbo or Chunky Monkey and I find he’s messing around, or isn’t doing too great with his studies. I feel like I’m failing him as a teacher.

I feel like there’s not enough time in the day to do things. I have to get up, eat my breakfast –which I like eating and waking up on my own–get dressed, somewhat prepare myself for the day, get the kidlets dressed and fed and then start our homeschool day.

Somewhere during the day, I’m to make sure we have supplies for supper, thaw out meat for supper, clean, do dishes, and entertain the other two while String Bean is working. Oh, and feed them lunch too. That’s important.

But also somewhere during the day I want to do things for myself. Like crocheting (yep, took that up before little Chunky Monkey was born, so addictive), reading a book, coloring –yep you read that right, I color–and anything else. I haven’t even picked up my camera to take pictures of things. I joined a different photo challenge this year with a couple of my friends from church and have not taken a picture since February. February people. It’s almost May. I only use it to take monthly pictures of the Chunk-master. I think I’m going to make a goal for myself maybe starting next month and go to The Como Zoo and Conservatory and the Minneapolis area and just take pictures.

On, top of things that I want to do for funsies, there are things I probably should do for myself but, I hate it and I feel so discouraged when nothing changes when the scale doesn’t move in my favor.I know, I know, that number doesn’t define me, but when you can’t fit into your pants anymore, its a little upsetting. I’m trying though, except part of last week (was my birfday!!) and this week–I hate you allergies.

So I guess the point is, having a third little munchkin is hard work. I’m sure it’ll get better in time, but I just wanted to rant about it first. 🙂 And to see if anyone still read this blog. 🙂


P.S. I revamped the blog, whaddya think?


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