Oh My…

Oh my is right.


I’m falling behind again with my blog posts. I believe my last post was April 11 and that was to announce that we were having another little person running around here in November.

Speaking of which, we found out the gender of our little bundle.

It’s a….


Yep, another boy.


I think Mr. N and I – and probably the rest of our family. I know my dad was really plugging for a granddaughter, and my FIL wanted another granddaughter because as it stands there are only 2 out of 8 grandchildren, not counting the one I’m having and my sister-in-law (yes, she’s preggers too) is having.- really wanted a girl.

To be honest, if you look at my Pinterest Baby board, I had a lot of girlie things pinned. Don’t get me wrong about having another boy, I just really really wanted a girl. The more it sunk in that we are having another boy, the more it’s going to be easier on us financially. We don’t have to buy a ton of girl clothes, we can just re-use what our boys have used when they were tiny, he can play with the same toys as our boys did/do.  And I basically know what I’m getting myself into with a boy. It’s not like I haven’t done it before. 🙂


Any who.

What’s new since my last post?


Well, I ended up feeling a lot better in time for my super awesome 90’s themed birthday party.


oh my

oh my2


String Bean finished second grade and this picture I posted on my Twitter account as a joke and somehow it got into the hands of an actor whom we love.


: String Bean’s last day of school. He’s wants to grow up and be Chuck. ” The force is strong with this one.

 DSC_0511 copy


In May we planted some pretty flowers, tomatoes and cucumbers and an apple tree!

oh my3

oh my5

oh my6

oh my7

We went to the zoo a couple of times.


oh my8


My tomater plants growing..

oh my9

Let’s see what else…

We celebrated the 4th of July with a few of our friends and my brother, who unexpectedly brought fireworks for entertainment. The kids loved it!

oh my10

oh my11

oh my12

oh my13

And finally, I went to my first Twins game of the season this last Sunday. It was pretty darn hot out, I’m not going to lie. But it was pretty awesome. They were honoring the Armed Forces and they had T-6 Trainers flying over the stadium and a whole bunch of veterans 🙂

oh my15

oh my14

That’s about it for now.

Mr. Newman is working on some projects for the boys’ room and eventually baby room. Hopefully I’ll get those up here as soon as possible.





























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