We have arrived.

We finally have gotten to the point of painting in our downstairs project. Granted it’s only in one room at the moment but we got there.

As you may remember back in August..September we put up drywall right?

Then over the last couple of months we worked on mudding and taping. Yay (sense the sarcasm there).

We had a few hiccups when it came to mudding and taping. Primarily with the tape. Mr. N would up the tape and then slap on some mud. Sand it down. And then when the sanding was done. Bubbles appeared or you could see the tape wasn’t sticking. Frustrating right? At one point Mr. N’s parents came to visit and they wanted to see the progress, or lack thereof. They noticed our problem as well and suggested that we get new tape and try that. So we did and ever since we haven’t had any problems.

A couple of days after Christmas Mr. N started painting a coat of primer on the walls. We kind of got busy with other activities and him going back to work after a week off.


This morning he wanted to get back to finishing up the primer to get it ready for paint. He even let me help!

After we had that done we decided that we could continue on with the painting process today. We weren’t expecting to paint this early in the month. We had planned to get a gift card to Menards (because they have their 11% rebate sale going on) and then just buy it later. Why not just buy it now and save us a trip later?


And that’s what we did!

I was so excited. I’ve been pestering Mr. N to paint anything in this house since we moved in.

We had already picked out what colors we want for the house so we didn’t have to stand there at Menards forever trying to decide what we want to do.



For his office/train room we painted it the same color as what the rest of the house, except some rooms, is going to be.



The color we chose was Parchment Paper.


Stir. Stir. Stir!


Here’s the room. I realize that it doesn’t show the color of the walls all that well because there’s a spot light on it and I am awful at taking pictures inside but alas here it is!


I’ll try to get a picture of it when it’s  lit in there naturally.

Now we have to mud and tape the next room and paint and I can’t wait to show you that!

For now, I’m going to sit on my butt because I’m pooped!

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